Somewhere in the world right now a perfect wave is reeling down a point, feeling the contours of a reef, or splitting into an A-Frame peak over sand... Somewhere in the world right now Antidote Travel has a resort, residence, or surf charter boat awaiting your arrival to greet these waves head-on.

From the mind blowing consistency of Indonesia to the mind numbing black sand peaks of Iceland, Antidote Travel offers a one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish. Our core philosophy is to travel during each destination's prime swell and weather window to ensure the highest quality adventure possible. We offer a variety of proven destinations and a number of trips off the beaten path - Antidote Travel is ready to send you on the greatest adventure of your life!

Antidote Travel is a surf travel network offering top quality residences, resorts, and surf charter boats to enthusiastic, like-minded travelers within the surf community.

Our mission is to offer the premiere surf destinations in the world to our guests. We also set up special events that reserve the entire resort, property, or surf charter boat exclusively for members in our community. These excursions are often held during that particular destinations prime swell and weather window to ensure the highest quality surf experience possible. Each destination will also offer a combination of guides, photographers, and filmmakers to allow for a safe, consistent, controlled experience that documents the adventure from start to finish.

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Antidote Travel creates events that expand beyond the stereotypical surf trip. Utilizing a balance of great destinations and a team of experts to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch we strive to make booking a spot in one of our "Events" as quick and painless as possible while delivering a first-class experience every step of the way.

Our "Events" offer one-of-a-kind travel perks such as having all of your equipment waiting for you at the destination, traveling with your favorite surfer/guide, recreating your favorite magazine article, and having access to world-class photographers and filmmakers to document your adventure. Whether you are new to surfing or a talented traveling professional we have an event custom suited to your interests and ability level!

Antidote Travel sends hundreds upon hundreds of guests all over the world every year on the surf adventures of their lives... We specialize in trips on Singapore Airlines to our core list of destinations in Indonesia but we are also capable of setting up the best airline arrangements in conjunction with our travel partner, Jeff Samuelson, to any location in the world! To reserve a spot on one of our trips or if you are looking for the right person to talk to feel free to contact us anytime:

Antidote Travel

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